Leave Your Attitude At Home

BOB on the FLY is now OPEN!

Leave that stack of take-out menus in the drawer.
Put down that gas station burrito.
Do not pull into that fast food chain.
No need to Google “delivery near me.”
Don’t settle for “I don’t care,” when you ask “where are we going for lunch?”
Broadway Oyster Bar’s NEW fast-casual lunch concept, B.O.B. on the FLY, is the answer to all of your lunch time decision-making problems! Walk up to the counter, place your order and we’ll have it out to you in under 10 minutes. Featuring a selection of your Oyster Bar favorites- soups, salads, sandwiches and sides, but beefed up with 14 brand new sandwiches to karate punch your taste buds. Like the ‘NOLA’ with sautéed shrimp, fried green tomatoes, arugula, fried pickle chips and remoulade. Or the ‘BRISKET’ with housesmoked brisket, Havarti cheese, pickled red onion, lettuce, tomato, fried jalapeno and garlic aioli. If you’re a traditionalist, have no fear! Our classic Po’Boys are still here! Fried Shrimp, Crawfish, Oyster and Catfish, served fully dressed and ready to take your mouth on a special date to flavor-town. Add amazing daily specials, Zapps chips straight from Louisiana and local craft beer to your lunch time awesomeness, and you’re SET!
You think you know B.O.B.? You have no idea! Come try B.O.B. on the FLY at Broadway Oyster Bar- the new sandwich shop on the block. Available Monday through Friday, 10:00am to 3:00pm inside the new addition. Just follow the signs and smells, then experience B.O.B. quality food at on the FLY speeds.
See the full menu here: BOB on the FLY Menu

Hellloooo Oyster Bar-ians and Happy New Year!

bob-blog2.jpg Welcome to our new website and home on the ol’ inter-web! Also, welcome to our new blog. Yes, yes, we are officially “bloggers.”  Fancy, huh?
      We had quite the year in 2015 and are confident 2016 will be just as fantastic, for us and for you as our guests! Let’s recap, shall we?

       First, we started and finished construction on our new expansion. A 60 seat indoor/outdoor patio with retractable roof, new bathrooms and an additional kitchen. This has given us the opportunity to open up the inside bar room as a waiting area, provide a space for private parties, as well as cut down on wait times during service. We decked the walls in true Oyster Bar fashion with re-purposed wood, tin signs, neons, original artwork, and an assortment of fun tchotchkes.  It truly looks like it has always been a part of BOB! The response has been incredible and we thank all of you for your support during the construction and your contributions to the décor.
      Second, we were named ‘Restaurant of the Year’ by the Missouri Restaurant Association. What an honor! Without the hard work of every member of our staff we never could have won this award. From bussers, to bartenders, to our amazing chefs, this was a pat on the back to the team effort that we stand for.
      Third, we wrapped up the year announcing the opening of our second location in Grafton, Illinois on the Great River Road!  This plan has been in the works for quite some time with current owners John and Vicki Johnson and Executive Chef Brad Hagen; a resident of Jerseyville, Illinois. “Grafton Oyster Bar,” as it will be called, is slated to open in mid to late February. The menu will be comprised of mostly your original Oyster Bar favorites as well as a few new additions. Yes, Crawfish Enchilada fans, they will be on there. (Insert chuckle.) Formerly The Big Kahuna, Grafton Oyster Bar will feature a 175-seat indoor and outdoor restaurant, including a swimming pool area and boat slip. Unlike many of its River Road counterparts, Grafton Oyster Bar will stay open year round in order to cater to summertime boaters and wintertime eagle watchers. We are very excited for this upcoming venture and hope to see all of our BOB fans there, from both the East and West sides of the Mississippi!
      Now, let us take this opportunity to thank YOU, our loyal guests and supporters. You are truly the driving force behind all we do and continue to do. Because of you we are able to expand, accept awards and open new locations. There are countless dining options available and we are grateful for each and every visit you make to Broadway Oyster Bar. Here’s to a wonderful 2016! Cheers!

Happy 2016 from BOB!


As we begin 2016 and take a moment to look back over 2015, there have been a host of changes to and more than a few awards bestowed on the Broadway Oyster Bar. The new enclosed Patio has nearly doubled our dining area and provided us with a wonderful spot for private parties and events. Work is ongoing on several other projects to make your experience unique when you visit us. The music continues with local and national artists bringing you the best sounds around. This blog will focus on all things BOB. We hope to inform, educate and entertain you with the information we share. There is always something new going on around here and we invite you to stop by often and discover the NOLA vibe in STL.